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Aqueous Coating

It is used to protect and enhance the printed piece. Aqueous coating is applied to all 100lb gloss book and 100lb gloss cover.

UV Coating

A liquid coating applied on the box, which is then bonded and cured with ultraviolet light. This coating is used to provide a protective coating to the printed image. Please note that you CAN NOT write or imprint on UV-coated jobs.


A coating that is matte or flat, not as shiny like gloss coated, but still keeps much of the ink from being absorbed by the paper and produces an excellent image.

Silk Lamination

A dull matte film applied to one or both sides of a print product. Silk lamination gives cards a luxuriously smooth feel and may dull color and contrast slightly. Durable Silk lamination is tear and water-resistant.

Spot UV Coating

A liquid coating applied to the printed piece only in specific areas as opposed to all overcoating. Indicate what areas you would like to have UV by providing a mask file where UV areas are black and No UV areas are white.


  • 4:4 - Full color on front and on back

  • 4:1 - Full color on front and black on the back

  • 4:0 - Full color on front and nothing on the back

  • 5:0 - Full color on the front, plus a mask

  • 5:1 - Full color on the front, and the mask, and black on the back

  • 4:5 - Full color on the front and back, and mask on the back only

  • 5:5 - Full color on the front and back, and mask on the front and back

  • 5:4 - Full color on the front and back, and mask on the front only

  • 0:4 - Full color on the back, nothing on the front

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