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Ten Reasons a Business Card is Still the Most Important Form of Marketing

You may not remember, but fifteen and more years ago, a business card was handed out every time there was a business connection. And, back in those days, the business card was just of a few lines of contact information placed on a one-sided linen card. And that was a nice business card.

But, marketers have turned the business card into an effective tool that drives customers back to your site, your product, and your service. The business card of today is more than a name and phone number someone sticks in their wallet. It's a quick first impression, an effective marketing tool, and sometimes a great last-impression.

With the ability to print business cards inexpensively, quickly, and in full color, smart strategists have turned the business card into impressive designs and a unique marketing tool.

1. Business Cards are the Least Expensive Form of Marketing

You can spend your advertising dollar on a website, email campaigns, flyers, catalogs, radio, and TV, or more if you wish. But, your business card budget is so small it's like going to a fast-food restaurant a couple of times. At PureEdge Media, we give business cards away and that's because we know every business needs them.

We're not saying that the other advertising and marketing items aren't important. What we are saying is that your business card is important and so affordable that it's unwise not to have one.

2. Business Cards make a First Great Impression

Any seriously managed business must grab the attention of its customers within minutes of a hand-shake. With all that is happening and as swiftly as things are moving in our world, the attention span of any individual decreases with every moment that passes.

An engaging, well-thought-out business card design can catch the eye and build a favorable first impression. That's why it's so important. Your company logo, tastefully displayed company details, use of the right colors and typeface surely give the card a professional look. Through the first impression of your business card, the company brand becomes recognizable for your customer.

3. Business Cards are a Personal Touch

You could send a potential client an email with your contact info, dial their number and send a text, or knock a mobile device together, but there's nothing more personal than handing them your card. When you give someone your business card, you're not just handing them your contact information, you are telling them they are important to you.

A lot of handshakes are created with the exchange of business cards and with every handshake, you find yourself becoming aquatinted and developing a business relationship. It's a personal connection you can never develop through an electronic form of contact. No matter how hard we try to make business completely digital, there will never be anything as powerful as a handshake, smile, and business card.

But in all of this, you never want to forget about the quality of business cards you are handing this new business relationship. It goes back to making a great first impression. You want them to walk away thinking, "What a great person, and look at how professional they are. What a great card."


You are that "end-of-the-day" business thought. It's a phenomenon. And, your amazing PureEdge Media business card did it.


4. It's the Easiest and Fastest way to Give Out Contact Information

For just a moment, let's get back to the primary reason the business card was invented - and that is to provide instant contact information with ease. Your company's contact information is vital to your clients. All the details that allow a customer to reach you are at the fingertips.

And some people find that refreshing. Knowing they can contact you when they need you. And now they have your name, title, phone, email address, domain name, service, and products provided right where they need them. There's nothing faster or easier than handing someone your business card.

5. Giving a Business Cards is a Time-Honored Tradition is Some Cultures

Did you know that in Hong Kong, you must offer your business card in return when someone hands you a card? It's a time-honored tradition and holds a prominent place in business. For them, cards have become a ritual.

In Japan, you will lose a client if you do not share your business card. Likewise, the quality of your card; paper, type, design, colors, etc., are viewed as how efficiently you run and conduct your business.

Subconsciously, this also occurs in the U.S. People may not be aware of it, but they are judging your business based on the appearance of your business card, or shall I say, lack of one. Make sure you give them a great first impression.


When you've created the trust, you've created a client for a very long time. Your business card is a tool that helps you get there.


6. Business Cards are a Direct Marketing Tool

We think of emails, search engines, and other methods that fetch leads as a direct marketing tool. Yet, the business card is still the most effective. This is because of the one-on-one in-person meeting that goes with sharing a card.

This is why it is so important to always have your business card on you and available. When in an airport lounge or at a sales conference, hand those you are meeting and speaking with a business card.

7. Business Cards are a Networking Tool

There is something about today's digital world and the ability to meet via internet video tools or to contact hundreds of people through emails quickly. But, both of these eliminate the chances of meeting customers personally and sitting down over a cup of coffee. No matter what is happening temporarily in our world, there is no alternative to the face-to-face networking that has been a proven method of building long-lasting relationships.

When you hand your business card to someone, it plays a significant role in creating an opportunity. Due to the power of personal networking, these cards help increase sales and become a solid networking plan. They help to build your brand identity and significantly help to create a chain of personal relationships.

8. Business Cards Make Your Business Referable

This can possibly be the greatest thing about providing your business card to individuals. You become referable. However, to make this happen in the best way, your business card must mention what skills you and your business possess. Contact information is simply not enough to become referable.

If your business card tells the recipient about the services you provide or the products you sell, it helps to create a plethora of referrals. Even when handing out your card to strangers or individuals you know won't become a customer, they can refer your business to others.

9. Business Cards Build Trust

Due to the highly competitive market environment, customers must have some trust in the company, the services, and the products it wants to deal with. If they don't have that faith or trust in the company, they may move on to the next business that can meet their needs.

An amazing business card offers an element of trust. It says that you and your company make an effort to reach out and contact its clients. In addition, you've spent time and effort reaching out and creating a relationship while shaking hands, meeting over coffee, and showing interest.

When you've created the trust, you've created a client for a very long time. Your business card is a tool that helps you get there.

10. Business Cards are an "End-Of-The-Day" Reminder.

At the end of the long workday, just before your potential client grabs that cold beer or glass of wine out of the fridge to sit down and relax, they first empty their pockets. And what is the first thing they see while emptying their pocket? Your business card. At this single moment, it springs back a conversation, a smile, the information provided, and a hand-shake.

You are that "end-of-the-day" business thought. It's a phenomenon. And, your amazing PureEdge Media business card did it.

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