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Six "Why's" for a Corporate Email Address

Updated: Sep 10

It's so easy when starting a new business to overlook how important an email address can be when communicating with current and potential customers. Let's say, for instance, you are getting ready to contact and hire a business accountant for your startup and you run across the following two emails: 

  • info@bobsaccountingfirm.com or

  • bigbucksbob69@gmail.com

It's reasonably safe to guess that you'd pick the first choice. And you'd be right. 65 percent of consumers, according to a recent Verisign survey, believe a corporate-branded email is more credible than a business using a free personal email service.

In today's competitive small and midsize businesses market, your corporate brand is how you stand out. And your email as a part of that important business persona you are developing. It lends credibility with a positive first impression to your potential clients.

So, here are five quick reasons why you can't live without a corporate branded email address for your business.


Most people, when dealing with someone they want to hire or purchase a product from, will eventually see and use your email address. For a majority of people, a generic personal email address projects inexperience and raises doubts that you are a real company at all. This first impression is the fastest way to lose a customer. The 'bigbucksbob69@gmail.com' address will always keep a potential customer looking.

Your professional branded email address, however, will show the world that your company is established and professional. It tells your audience that you have been around and will always be around. It says you are serious about your business. People love the security of that first impression.


In the business world, there's a term battered around called 'brand persona'. A brand persona is your companies personality as it profiles who your business is. This personality becomes a common theme throughout all of your public communication. Your domain name is one of the most significant parts of your 'brand persona'. So, if your domain name is that important, imagine how important your email is; the address you communicate to your customers with.

The best benefit of using branded email is every time you send out an email, you’re promoting your business. You're not promoting Gmail, or Hotmail, or Yahoo. You're promoting you. It’s the most valuable, cost-efficient way to market your company without having to spend a lot of money.


"Must not do much work."

"I wonder how experienced he is."

"Is this a freelancer or part-time person?"

"I can talk them down in price!"

These are pretty common phrases when someone looks at a personal email address used for business. It sends a message that your business is small, inexperienced, new, or part-time.

Now. Create that corporate email address and watch your customers look at your business as though a different lens. People will treat your business differently. Best of all, it will limit those uncomfortable situations where clients may not want to compensate you unfairly.


There's something about having multiple email addresses for different segments of your business. Even if you're a one-man army and wear many hats.





Multiple email addresses support that established, professional image you are creating. It adds to your corporate brand and business persona. 

Maybe the best thing about multiple email addresses is that it keeps you organized. Sorting through and searching for emails pertaining only to the "billing" makes it so much easier. Even if all of your corporate emails are coming into one email platform. You can sort through only the billing@accountingpro.com emails.

The best benefit of using branded email is every time you send out an email, you’re promoting your business. You're not promoting Gmail, or Hotmail, or Yahoo. You're promoting you.


With so many spam emails and scam artists out there today, consumers aren't as confident emailing their personal information to bigbucksbob69@gmail.com or even passing on their email address to this person. After all, 'Big Bucks Bob 69' doesn't sound very trustworthy.

Now, take it up a notch and provide customers with a corporate email address and you're giving them a sense of security and reassurance that makes your business legitimate. I feel far more comfortable sending an email to info@bobsaccountingfirm.com.


You can get your domain name and branded email address with minimal effort through PureEdge Domains and we've mastered how to make set up easily in any email application you use. We have our Email Setup Center that takes you through the steps and gives you all the info you need. 

Need personal help setting your email up? No problem. give our support team a call and we'll be happy to help. Just make sure you have your PureEdge Domains PIN handy.

The great advantage of registering a domain name now is that it will grow as your business grows. Use it for your branded email today and for your website in the future.

So don't ever think that because you're a small company, a business persona isn't important. A corporate brand isn't simply meant for large enterprises with big advertising budgets. You’re never too small to start building your brand and it's never too late. Get started today with branding your email.


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