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Book Illustration

Where Your Imagination Leaps Off the Page

Our illustration services are crafted to breathe life into your stories, providing a visual feast that captivates readers of all ages.

Whether you're envisioning whimsical cartoons for a children's book, elegant watercolors, or dynamic digital art, our skilled illustrators are here to transform your vision into beautifully crafted images. From character design to comprehensive layout, let us guide you through the process of creating a book that is as visually stunning as it is narratively compelling.

Bring Your Stories to Life


Our Latest Children's Book

Pep the Penguin and the Pearl of the Polar Night

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Everything You Need in an Illustrator

Discover a world where every illustration tells your story. We'll be your illustrator of choice, where creativity meets expertise.


Custom Character and Story Book Design

We develop unique characters that align with your story and its requirements, ensuring every page and image is memorable and fits the narrative style.

Typography and Font Design

Creating book titles, logos, and helping to choose the ideal typography that enhances the readability and aesthetic appeal of your book.

Thematic Series Design

Creating a cohesive visual themes across a series of books, ensuring consistent branding and style that appeals to readers.

Custom Cover Design

The cover of your book is the first thing potential readers see. Our designer can craft custom eye-catching covers that embody your book’s spirit, attract attention, and make a memorable impression.

Page Layout

Our service ensures that every page of your book is visually appealing and reader-friendly. We handle everything from the font selection to the spacing and margins, ensuring a seamless and professional layout that complements your writing.

Publish Ready Files

We provide complete publish-ready files that adhere to KDP and other printing specifications. This includes ensuring proper file formats, sizes, resolution, and bleed settings, so your book looks as good in print as it does on the screen.

Illustration Style Examples

These styles cater to different thematic needs and visual preferences, enhancing the storytelling experience.

Realistic Style.png

Realistic Style

Detailed and life-like illustrations that mimic real-life imagery, suitable for educational books or stories aiming for a more serious tone.

vintage style.png

Vintage Style

Utilizes elements from a specific historical era for a nostalgic feel, appealing to both children and adults.

Watercolor Style.png

Watercolor Style

Soft, flowy, and often dreamlike visuals that can create a gentle and calming effect, perfect for bedtime stories.


Modern Graphic Style

Bold and simple with strong colors and shapes, appealing to a contemporary audience and often used in books targeting very young readers.

Cartoon Style.png

Cartoon Style

Vibrant and exaggerated features which are great for engaging young readers and conveying humor and fun.



Mixed Media Style

Combines various techniques like collage, painting, and digital art to create unique and texturally rich illustrations.

Book Illustration Pricing

The best illustrations at the most competitive pricing.

Below is a breakdown of our book illustration and layout pricing. The prices for illustrations are charged per illustration - not as a book package.


Sometimes it's difficult to envision your finished book with the illustrations you need. And, you're not sure where to begin or how you want your pages to look. Don't worry, we've got you covered. Just give us your budget for illustration and page layout, and we'll design the perfect book within that budget.


Below is an example of a 28 page children's book we illustrated and the total expense to create the entire project. The book includes all of the custom cartoon characters, illustrations, backgrounds, page layout, typography, back and front covers, inside title, copyright, and dedication matter pages, book design and layout, along with several coloring pages at the end of the book. Completely print and digital ready. The total cost for this project was only $3,590.


Spot Illustration

Small, simple illustrations to liven up a page with text. They’re a quarter of a page or less with no background. These can be placed as a chapter heading, corner decoration, or next within a body of text.


Per Illustration


Spread Illustration

Spread across two full pages, normally with text on the illustration. While a mix of different illustration sizes makes a beautiful book, going all out and making your entire book double-page spreads will undoubtedly will make it amazing!


Per Illustration


1/2 Page Illustration

This is an illustration that fills half a page. Because of its smaller size, the background is generally less detailed than a full page illustration.


Per Illustration


Cover Design

Have a custom illustration created for your cover, plus a beautiful design, ready for ebook and print. If you use an illustration from an interior page of your book, the cover price is only $150. Includes front, back and spine, all custom designed. Depending the book style we can give the book title a beautifully design. All required text and graphics, such as ISBN or barcode are added. Cover includes paperback, hardcover and ebook formats.


Front, Back, and Spine


Full Page Illustration

This is a full page illustration where we pull out all the stops and include lots of detail! Full page illustrations can include text but is not essential.


Per Illustration


Book Layout

The final step in our process is the interior book layout, where we expertly integrate your text with illustrations, select the ideal typography and color scheme, and construct all crucial preliminary pages. Our service covers up to 32 pages, with each additional page priced at just $8. This package includes customized typography colors, a full book layout, and both print-ready and eBook files, ensuring your book is beautifully presented and ready for publication.


One-time Fee


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